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immersive virtual reality

Requirements Of An Immersive Environment

Immersive technology is a relatively new sphere. It borrows heavily from virtual reality aspects. With this in mind one is at a better level to understand immersive vr better. This is the creation of a hypothetical surrounding which is in the future by use of 3D technology. It should bring a feeling as if it’s a real existence place on Earth. This only occurs when one is immersed in such an environment physically or virtually. The major forms of immersive virtual reality include, a network of many computers enclosing a space. The other form consists of virtual spaces created in caves.


Microsoft launches ‘cool blob’ Azure Storage

Microsoft has moved Cool Blob Storage to general accessibility, offering space at an expense of 1¢ for each GB for each month, contingent upon the locale. The new “cool” level of capacity offers Azure clients something much the same as what AWS offers with Glacier does with Nearline. Both of which cost 1¢ for each GB-month to month, in spite of the fact that Microsoft’s […]