Requirements Of An Immersive Environment

Immersive technology is a relatively new sphere. It borrows heavily from virtual reality aspects. With this in mind one is at a better level to understand immersive vr better. This is the creation of a hypothetical surrounding which is in the future by use of 3D technology. It should bring a feeling as if it’s a real existence place on Earth. This only occurs when one is immersed in such an environment physically or virtually. The major forms of immersive virtual reality include, a network of many computers enclosing a space. The other form consists of virtual spaces created in caves. This technology is still evolving thus scientists and engineers are constantly researching on the niche. A few qualities of each and every virtual space do exist.

1. Proper understanding of the working/functions of the nervous system.

The nervous system is the controlling software of a human. All the reflexes and actions of a human are triggered and initiated by the system. The system works really fast thus a proper understanding is required. To stimulate a corresponding re-action in an immersed virtual reality space with the nervous system certain considerations have to be made. For instance when a certain virtual scene appears what will be triggered in the human nervous system? In response what impulse will the system send to the brain. The brain then initiates a certain reflex on the human body. To configure all the above, and allow them work in a synchronized manner requires high degrees of knowledge. This is why biologists and psychiatrists are being used to develop immersive virtual reality spaces.

2. Manipulation of the central nervous system (CNS).immersive learning
In an immersive reality the central nervous system need to be manipulated. Currently external implants and detectors are being used to manipulate the CNS. They have been found not to work effectively as required. Cybernetic implants will be available soon and solve the problem. With cybernetic implants they need to be located in areas which will yield an accurate result in CNS manipulation. The spinal cord is the most likely area. The spinal cord connects the whole body through a network of veins, sensors, arteries, neurons etc. Before an impulse triggers a reflex it has to pass through the spinal cord too.

3. Surround sounds.

A human being is exposed to sounds unless when in a vacuum. Immersive virtual reality spaces don’t exist in vacuums. Due to this aspect sounds which resemble the real World environment must be generated. The sounds gives human the actual feeling of real life situations. For instance when a city scene is stimulated in an immersive virtual reality space sounds of people walking or cars moving is expected.

4. Strong advanced computer hardware and software.

Immersive virtual reality spaces are controlled by humans. These humans make use of computer hardware and software’s to generate a certain result. Images and sounds generated in the spaces are created and visualized using computers. Study models to understand the human nervous system and the CNS are also done using computers. In order to achieve all these strong advanced hardware’s and software’s are used. On a general assessment computers lay the basis of immersive virtual reality spaces.